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Why doesn't Google Patents how expiration dates anymore?

Does anyone know why Google patents no longer shows the anticipated expiration date for issued patents? As seen in red in the below image, I relied on Google Patents for a quick-and-dirty idea of a ...
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Google Patents search information

I'm trying to do a project that requires the following data points from Google Patents: The number of searches Google Patents has per day for the past ~10 years. A list of searches on Google Patents ...
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EP1429795A1 Is there an English version available? Why is no downloadable PDF version available?

In reference to the patent: WO2003028746A1
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A question regarding Google patent search

This blog says: ‘AJD’, ‘AJDx’, ‘ADJ/x’, ‘xw’ – These are also proximity operators which are the same as NEAR, but matches must be in the same order. However, when I searched in Google patent site ...
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A patent issued as another patent?

In this answer, George wrote It has been issued (Jan. 2022) in the US as Suggested functions for formulas in spreadsheets US 11227106B2 but is still pending in Europe as of October 12 2022. where I ...
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