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0 answers

Can reference characters refer to both singulars and plurals in the description?

Suppose a drawing contains a (single) thing labeled with a reference character, for example, "Client Device 102." Is it proper to later refer to the client device using a plural? For ...
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1 answer

50 wt% of something // ~~ plurality

I have two questions. Is it allowed to write " 30 wt% a polyamine" instead of "30 wt% of a ployamine" in patent context and grammatically? I know "a plurality of As" means "a number of As." Can you ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Single Sentence claim and use of semicolon -linker "; and" in claims

I have noticed a practice of putting "; and" before last statement in a claim. For Example in US20140180885 (claim simplified to clarify question) A method for ... comprising the steps of : ...
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