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How does the corporate world of R&D view independant inventors?

I have been working for 4 years as an independant inventor focused primarily on two patent families. Some are granted in those families. However I am finding it very difficult to successfully license. ...
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Does obtaining a timestamp for a description affect future attempts to patent it?

Allow me to ask four variants of this question in order to try and make clear what the point is. I will also answer each of them according to my current understanding, which I seek to find out if is ...
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Does notarizing the document of a description invalidate any future attempt to patent it?

In other words, can it count as prior art that will result in rejecting a patent application submitted after the notarization? Thanks. -- Edit: Due to my poor knowledge of English terminology, this ...
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Can a PCT application be filed on a granted USPTO patent with a priority date that is less than a year ago?

Can a PCT application be filed on a granted USPTO patent with a priority date that is less than a year ago? And if so, do national stage patents that issue from the PCT application get the same ...
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Approximate Time for USPTO actions

My query is i. Approximate time taken by USPTO to issue patent after payment of issue fee. ii. For payment of first maintenance fee, 3.5 years period is counted from date of grant or from priority ...
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What does it mean if a patent's status is expired and grant?

I am looking to add a product to my online business but want to make sure I am not infringing any patents. Dog shoes have so many styles it is very confusing. Please see below: Date App/Pub Number ...
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Granting Patents

How can a patent be grant when we never signed our names to the documents? We had an employee take device,had someone do drawings of the device and and apply for a patent after the patent was rejected ...
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Is this patent application granted, abandonded or pending? Which countries does it cover? Are there family members?

Is the patent link to the patent valid? Has it been granted? For which countries does the protection apply? Are there other patents associated wth it? How do I know all this? (This question is ...
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What happened to dependent claims if referred independent claim rejected?

I have an independent claim in my application for software patent that could be rejected on grounds like "abstract idea". There are a few dependent claims with limitations that hopefully pass the bar. ...
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Geomechanical Rock [closed]

How to determine total vertical stress sigma V due to weight of overburden rock, and minor horizontal total stress sigma hmin from density log.
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What is a PCT number?

What does a published PCT number mean exactly? (Of the form PCT/IB2011/nnnnnn). Does it grant any legal/intellectual rights in any way? Does it have any effect in this regard that a WO2013nnnnnnA1 ...
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