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Can a software emulation infringe a patent beginning "..a device to..", itself with existing sold hardware?

Recently, I decided to research a method of consolidating an expertise and researched any pre-existing tools which might already encapsulate my process or aid (be it software or hardware). I came ...
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How should I patent my behavioral bio-metric identification idea in the US or Europe?

I know all of you are really well versed with patents here and I am a completely novice . Me and My team have come up with a working system which implements behavioral bio-metric identification system ...
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Method vs apparatus for electronics hardware, pros and cons?

AFAIK, method claim is weak against manufacturer because only end user may use it. OTOH, invention using all old hardware but only new way to use it, e.g merging different inputs from different ...
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Smartphone Apps: Difference between a device and software?

If a patent makes claims about a "device", but not about "software", does that mean I can make apps without infringing, and would my app potentially be patentable? Example: Say I want to write a ...
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How do I determine if my product changes make it non-infringing?

I am not a lawyer. I am doing some basic research about laser scanner patents (this is my first time). A laser scanner is a 3D scanner that shines a laser onto an object and uses the information ...
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