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Can cosmetic method that doesn't involve drugs be patented?

Just as an example, imagine I found that specific scalp massage technique prevents baldness and have done a study that proves it scientifically, can this be patented?
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same product without foil

In reference to the patent: US8317762 Does the patent still hold if the product does not use the same material, and some different ingredients?
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Is it Legal to make an artificial kidney despite the patent?

In reference to the patent: US7083653 Does this mean that Charles Jennings is the only one able to make an artificial kidney? If one is to use a personal design is that legal?
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CALL FOR PRIOR ART: “Method and System for Weight Management” (13/466,661)

This Patent Application was given a "final rejection" by the US Patent Office. An applicant has several ways to keep an application in this state alive. They include a request for continuing ...
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