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Small-scale, often self-employed inventors working outside of large firms, typically with invention as a primary career or as a hobby.

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What is the difference between filing a patent as an individual and filing a patent under a corporation or LLC?

What is the difference between filing a patent as an individual (outside of a corporation or LLC), and filing a patent under your name as part of a corporation or LLC that you create for this sole ...
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Good patent books for startups and inventors?

Does anyone have a suggestion for good books or other resources on patents for startups and inventors? It seems like most things are “do it yourself” guides or texts for attorneys that don’t have the ...
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File provisional patent application in India before getting published in a Journal

I want to patent an algorithm in India. I have done enough prior art and I am sure that no such algorithm exists till date. The problem is I have also written a research paper for the same and ...
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Things to take care when inventor self drafts the patent

There is a saying that it is always better to consult and work with an attorney to draft patents. It is said that when you self-draft a patent you would draft inferior patents, miss out on things ...
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A patent with both apparatus (i.e. system) and method?

I read a while back that one's goal should be a patent that is a method, a system and a means (I don't quite know what a means is). Is this actually a good goal? I also read that all the steps of a ...
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Claims: When to use "wherein"? Should I always use "further comprising"?

I'm under the impression that being too specific is a bad idea in dependent claims. But is there a case when I really have to be, and therefore cannot use "further comprising" but rather I must use "...
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What can I do about an infringer if I'm a small independent inventor?

I'm a small-scale independent inventor with few resources and have a patent that I believe is being infringed by a large company. I fear that if I approach the company on my own, I will have little ...
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