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Inequitable conduct is a defense against an infringement charge. If proven, the patent would destroyed.

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Can inequitable conduct lead to patent invalidation before litigation?

If an applicant knowingly withholds prior art information from an IDS, are there ways the patent can be invalidated after grant (other than through litigation)?
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Co-inventor filed same invention again as sole inventor -- Double patenting? Inequitable conduct?

I am a co-inventor together with a fellow engineer. Some time ago, we filed a provisional for our invention and close to 12 month later, in coordination with the co-inventor, I filed a PCT application ...
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Inequitable Conduct

What are the remedies of inequitable conduct in patents? If a pharmaceutical company got a patent for a fraudulent information, and let's say it is disclosed after 10 years in the market, would they ...
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How long does the US duty of disclosure last?

37 CFR 1.56 says: The duty to disclose information exists with respect to each pending claim until the claim is cancelled or withdrawn from consideration, or the application becomes abandoned. ...
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Do you need to file Information Disclosure Statements for US Provisional Apps?

I would assume no based on the following from 37 CFR 1.56(a): The duty to disclose information exists with respect to each pending claim until the claim is cancelled or withdrawn from consideration,...
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Can a person apply for a patent - and not let other contributors know he is applying?

We have a situation where 3 people worked on an idea. We suspect that one of the people may have applied for a patent without informing or acknowledging the contributions of the others. I am a newbie ...
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I have evidence of inequitable conduct for an issued US Patent - What are my options? The above article predates the patent US5576880. I sent this article to the inventor of US5576880 prior to his filing of ...
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Inequitable Conduct? Theranos U.S. Patent No. 8,283,155

I would ask for prior art, but I'm more curious how close you think this and what the consensus on inequitable conduct is? U.S. Patent No. 8,282,155 filed in 2009 and claiming priority to 2006. http:...
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