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Questions involving patent issues across multiple countries. If your question is about a specific region or country (Eu, China, ...) please include that tag. If your question is about PCT applications (sometimes called international patents), please include that tag.

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Is this patent application granted, abandonded or pending? Which countries does it cover? Are there family members?

Is the patent link to the patent valid? Has it been granted? For which countries does the protection apply? Are there other patents associated wth it? How do I know all this? (This question is ...
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25 votes
8 answers

How can I perform a global patent search for free?

I'm aware of several resources for searching the national or regional (e.g. EU) patent databases, but have found no tool for searching patents in all (or even several) countries at the same time. Is ...
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Possible US patent infringement and German company

We are currently trying to set up a startup that sells a software product online. The software can be downloaded worldwide and paid for via Paypal. Our company is a limited liability company based in ...
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When patenting in the United States, what impact does patenting in other countries too have?

I've seen where companies have filed for the same patent in multiple additional countries beyond the United States. What is the motivation for such extensive patenting? What impact (if any) do these ...
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Consequences of unwilful US patent infringment by a foreign legal entity when establishing US presence

Suppose the following situation: A company is incorporated in a country other than U.S.A., which does not allow software patents (e.g. EU member countries). This company produces an invention as a ...
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Can I patent something that is already sold in another country?

Can I get a US patent on something that is already created in Asia?
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15 votes
2 answers

What are the possible consequences of using software developed outside of the US that infringes a software patent?

Suppose I'm developing a software and I operate in the country that doesn't recognize Software Patents. I make my software available for users in several countries including the United States. What if ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Is there a specified route to convert UK patents to US patents?

If I have an existing UK patent, is there a way to get it recognised in the US, or to convert it to be a US patent? My guess is that there must be agreements between countries on how they handle ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Revising a poor English translation of a US national phase application based on a foreign language PCT application

A patent application was originally drafted in a language other than English and filed in a country other than the US. It was subsequently translated into English and made a PCT application and ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Are there any advantages to making your first filing in one country vs. another?

Is it always better to file a patent in United States first before extending it to other countries? What if we do the reverse: file patent in a small country then only extend it to the United States. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

When can new prior art be brought during prosecution? How can we help?

I am looking for a clarification ideally for both USPTO and EPO procedures. I thought that: applicant could (must for US) bring new prior art anytime during prosecution until grant (through IDS for ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Patent filing via international PCT system

After filing an US application how much time should the applicant wait to file a PCT application? What are the benefits of filing early or late?
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3 votes
1 answer

Determining if patent is international?

I am currently looking into patent US20110202766. I am new to patent law and I would like to know if the given patent is US-only, or international. How can I find out about where does a given patent ...
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2 answers

Is it legal to sell patented product in another country?

I'd like to begin reselling a patented product, in a country other than the one it's patented in. Could I get in trouble for selling it? Does the answer change if we talk about a replica of the ...
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Which countries require a claim for using a PPA as priority date?

The book Patent It Yourself states: I recommend that your PPA contain at least one claim (to) prevent any challenge to your PPA by foreign patent offices for failure to claim the invention as of ...
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Is there a cheaper patent for low income applicants?

Is there a government supplement that offsets the cost of obtaining a patent for low income families?
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2 answers

What happens if I don't pay the issue fee?

Does the patent become abandoned? If yes, can I revive it? Under what conditions? Is it any different if I didn't pay the maintenance fee? Do I get any protection from such a patent? Is the ...
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