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Questions tagged [international]

Questions involving patent issues across multiple countries. If your question is about a specific region or country (Eu, China, ...) please include that tag. If your question is about PCT applications (sometimes called international patents), please include that tag.

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Estoppel from international phase amendments

In a PCT filing, is there any estoppel effect of arguments presented during the international phase (under art 19 or art 34) on national phase filings?
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Can this patent on fecal transplant be granted?

In reference to the patent: WO 2014/121298 A2 This is a treatment method in human medicine and thus a patent could not be granted - at least here in Sweden. Correct? The effects of bacterial ...
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What is the status of this patent?

How can I figure out if PCT/AU2012/001589 is granted or not? There is a prior art case with US 2,223,561 A patented in 1939, but I don't know how to track that case.
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Is a patented European product able to be produced in US?

I came across a product that is solid almost exclusively in Europe with no reach or patenting in the USA. Am I able to pursue production and sale of this product in the USA? Do European patents apply ...
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When/how to change the title of an application at the international stage?

A US provisional was filed, then a non-provisional and PCT were filed within 1-year of the provisional. The non-provisional and the PCT applications include a typographical error in the title. The non-...
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How to Understand CNIPA's National Interest Rules

Last month my patent was fully granted in Japan. I have only a short while longer until my PCT 30 month period expires. China is interesting to me especially for Hong Kong. I watched a video on ...
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An idea for mobile phones screen utility option

I have an idea! (Just) in my is a very useful idea when it will b practicly use in for upcoming mobie phone which will be more convenient to use there phons easily... So shall I patent my ...
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PPH: Only requesting subset of claims in OLE

The requirements for PPH request at the USPTO (OLE - office of later examination, in this case) include: at least one claim was allowed in office of earlier examination (OEE) all claims requested for ...
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This patent seems to be prior art to a patent listed in this Indegogo project?

In reference to the patent: US7798499 Jurni ultimate sit on carry on suitcase Which invention infringes the other? In other words is the Jurni developed in CA 2000 unreferenced prior art to ...
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Lip balm pen, inquiring about its international eligibility

In reference to the patent: US 8,596,897 B2 I am inquiring to the eligibility of this patent in the UK. Also checking if this patent was passed and taken into effect.
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Which is the first filed country of patent CN 203733449 U?

If an inventor wants patent protection in more than one country than he has to file a patent application in different countries separately for the same invention. So the country in which the applicant ...
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validity of pharmaceutical patent in another country

If a pharmaceutical is patented in the US could it be produced and sold freely in another country?
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Which countries does this patent cover? Is it possible to design around it?

In reference to the patent: US20130223070
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Is this patent legal?

In reference to the patent: EP3247374A1 Is this patent an infringement in progress? This patent is currently being discussed (2018-4-24) as a hot topic in China Taiwan's media. The patent was ...
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