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Questions involving patent issues across multiple countries. If your question is about a specific region or country (Eu, China, ...) please include that tag. If your question is about PCT applications (sometimes called international patents), please include that tag.

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No international patent

I am from South Africa, and I want to import something to the markets here. I have found a patent on it, but not sure if it applies to the international market, it sure does not look like it.I could ...
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Older US Utility Application

... that I am wanting international coverage but cannot as the time to do so has expired. I have designed a new component that works with the old claims as a single unit. Can I resume international ...
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Is a patented European product able to be produced in US?

I came across a product that is solid almost exclusively in Europe with no reach or patenting in the USA. Am I able to pursue production and sale of this product in the USA? Do European patents apply ...
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Patent Application and Paris convention priority right

Assume there is a Patent Application filed at Jan 2012 with USPTO and I think its claims are too much broad and vague. It has not been granted yet. If I have an idea that is totally similar to the ...
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Canadian and intl patent application-in-process beat me to it

I had an idea for an invention. I found nothing similar on Then I discovered Google Patents. I immediately found that someone from Canada is filing a patent for the same invention on the ...
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What is the expiration date of WO PCT applications?

If the patent is applied in India, but the country I would like to use the technology is included in Designated States, of which country's expiration date do you have to calculate? Application number:...
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Do I need international protection for a computerized method?

Central to my invention is a process that runs on a computer, generating routing information, which is sent to vehicles for efficient carriage of persons or cargo. While the people or cargo will be ...
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Multi-story 3d printing

I'm looking to create a software that assembles multiple small objects into multiple layers. The reason for this is that the objects are relatively small (a few cm diameter), and the printing platform ...
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Parallel application submission China and U.S

I saw a recent patent application publication (by Microsoft) where it looks like a a same or equivalent application was submitted to the U.S. patent office and the Chinese equivalent, on the same day. ...
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what is the difference between an EP patent (or publication) and a patent published in Europe?

I'm trying to understand the difference between a patent published in europe (or a publication with any country code) and an EP publication (published in EPO). What is the difference between ...
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When can new prior art be brought during prosecution? How can we help?

I am looking for a clarification ideally for both USPTO and EPO procedures. I thought that: applicant could (must for US) bring new prior art anytime during prosecution until grant (through IDS for ...
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Can I use patent US6610337 abroad? [duplicate]

Is it for all of the world or only for USA? What kind of troubles can I face in case if I start business related to this patent in another country?
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Internationally recognized patent

I want to file a Utility patent with the USPTO that will be globally recognized. How and where do I get started? Can I file it online?
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Patenting Products in Other Countries

I'm a start-up and I want to patent my products or apps and post it on the google play and app store. I already asked my friend who took law. She said that my app should and can be patented. I don't ...
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If I file a patent in America, will forign companies be completely invulnerable to my patent?

The title pretty much says it all. If I file a patent in the US, will forign companies be able to use it without fear?
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Are the following patents European only? EP 1849393 B1 and WO2005108015 (A1)

These are patents by a cleaning company in Denmark named Vikan. I would like to understand if these are patents that are European only or also US patents. Also, when I look on the European patent ...
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Determining if patent is international?

I am currently looking into patent US20110202766. I am new to patent law and I would like to know if the given patent is US-only, or international. How can I find out about where does a given patent ...
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Personally liable for patent infringement

Can the director of a one man UK limited company be held personally liable if his product infringes a US software patent? The UK company's software product is sold in the states over the internet.
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Making a game with patent art graphics

I'm considering making a game that uses patent illustrations (from Context-Free Patent Art) as graphics. I've read the answers to Are text and images in the patent copyrighted?, which suggests that if ...
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patent claiming that priority no?

Patent no WO2012164480 (A1) which is claiming priority to patent IN2011DE01539 (IN201101539I1), can these two patents be considered as the same patent or are they different patents?
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US non-provisional application for a non-resident

I submitted a provisional patent application from a foreign country to USPTO a few months ago. I researched and determined that my idea is worth a proper patent application (I made it public). Is that ...
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Does filing a patent protect you abroad?

I want to file a utility patent, I've read that by filing it in my country I will only be able to enforce it inside the national limits. However will other entities outside my country be able to ...
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Possible US patent infringement and German company

We are currently trying to set up a startup that sells a software product online. The software can be downloaded worldwide and paid for via Paypal. Our company is a limited liability company based in ...
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3 answers

Are there any advantages to making your first filing in one country vs. another?

Is it always better to file a patent in United States first before extending it to other countries? What if we do the reverse: file patent in a small country then only extend it to the United States. ...
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Is there a fast route to worldwide patent acquisition?

A product is expected to be deployed to 12 countries on 3 continents, with more to follow on successful launch. Would it be better to aim for worldwide patent registration (as a matter of safety) or ...
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How can I best aid in keeping the patents system at bay?

I have become convinced that the patent system is inherently unfair and hurting the well-being of people all over the world. Trivial patents are just one well-known pain and I want them gone as much ...
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How much does US patent law affect international development?

I am originally from Canada, and I live in Asia, but, like a lot of software developers, software code I develop on the web is hosted and used within the United States. Like many, I've heard lots of ...
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Prior art for new treatment for anxiety disorder

Consider this WIPO: METHODS FOR TREATING SOCIAL DISORDERS and its current 3 entries at national levels: #US20110027765 -> Reviewer has requested some changes in the claims but it's going forward. UK: ...
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15 votes
2 answers

What are the possible consequences of using software developed outside of the US that infringes a software patent?

Suppose I'm developing a software and I operate in the country that doesn't recognize Software Patents. I make my software available for users in several countries including the United States. What if ...
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When patenting in the United States, what impact does patenting in other countries too have?

I've seen where companies have filed for the same patent in multiple additional countries beyond the United States. What is the motivation for such extensive patenting? What impact (if any) do these ...
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Consequences of unwilful US patent infringment by a foreign legal entity when establishing US presence

Suppose the following situation: A company is incorporated in a country other than U.S.A., which does not allow software patents (e.g. EU member countries). This company produces an invention as a ...
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Revising a poor English translation of a US national phase application based on a foreign language PCT application

A patent application was originally drafted in a language other than English and filed in a country other than the US. It was subsequently translated into English and made a PCT application and ...
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Is there a specified route to convert UK patents to US patents?

If I have an existing UK patent, is there a way to get it recognised in the US, or to convert it to be a US patent? My guess is that there must be agreements between countries on how they handle ...
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25 votes
8 answers

How can I perform a global patent search for free?

I'm aware of several resources for searching the national or regional (e.g. EU) patent databases, but have found no tool for searching patents in all (or even several) countries at the same time. Is ...
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