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Protecting easily replicatable idea

I work as a web developer and I've been toying with an idea for a while. Today I had an idea that would make my idea less expensive and more achieveable. The problem is my idea would be easily ...
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Call for Prior Art US Patent 8,738,435 (Phoenix Licensing)

CALL FOR PRIOR ART. Can you find prior art for this patent that claims novelty based on customizing online content using a user's preferences? Check out Google Patents for full details about this ...
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Network Protocol Conversion -- Prior Art Request for US 2005/0220286 A1 (Verizon) The independent claim is drawn primarily to protocol conversion of the data link layer and the application layer of a communication without conversion of ...
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Resuming interrupted file transfers (2011 patent troll / libcurl)

I'm posting this here in order to draw this incident to the attention of the AP community. Daniel Stenberg, the author of curl, a popular ...
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Website exit intend detection technology patent

I am making a website code that will display popup when user tries to leave website. Javascript code is used for that. A solution how to detect mouse leave window was published 5 years ago inside ...
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Patent about internet tech, does territory count?

Just curious AFAIK, patent is only protected on the granting territory. If I patent an internet thing in USA, e.g web UI, does it get protected if other company uses it but sets its server outside of ...
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Anti Packet Inspection Idea

I've got an innovative but simple idea to defeat or avoid SPI (Shallow Packet Inspection) and even DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) as well and can be explained in a single paragraph. Actually it may have ...
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What is a good way to locate (and choose) a U.S. patent attorneys office that specializes in a given area within a field

What's the best way to find specific patent firms and individual attorneys who specialize in the technology area of my application? It seems that the best patent attorneys tend to have specialties. ...
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The SPDY protocol is not patented. Could it have been? Is there prior art?

Google's SPDY protocol is a way to reduce web page load time be smart-multiplexing of the content. It has gained a strong opening acceptance among high-traffic organizations. Despite armchair ...
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