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Invalidating a patent that has already been granted

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Can Patent A be considered as a prior art over Patent B with a priority date before the filing date of Patent B?

We have: Patent A, filed Nov. 29, 2006 in the US, claimed the benefit of a DE application, filed Feb. 02, 2006,(there is a PCT application filed Nov. 29, 2006 with the publication date Aug. 30, 2007, ...
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Scientifically invalid patents

This is going to be a weird question. I am an academic researcher. In my field there has been a key topic whose "accepted" solution has been known not to work since 1962. Nobody had been able to ...
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Can a patent be invalidated when the inventors later publicly doubt operability and the reliability of reported results?

In a concrete example, the patent application describes a particular method and, as part of the enabling disclosure, reports certain detector readings as confirmation of the expected outcome i.e. ...
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Can forum/wiki postings invalidate a patent that was granted at a later date?

I have lots of ideas and, not expecting them to be unique or profitable (or knowing how to profit from them), I discuss them online, expecting the information to be helpful to others or expecting ...
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