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A company patented my idea (paper that I presented and publsihed)

During my master's degree, I wrote a paper and my supervisor did not understand my methodology was novel so he did not file a patent, after two years I noticed that a group of people from a company ...
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Are there people who constantly look up newly granted patents in one country so that they can use it in another country?

If you are only considering filing a patent in one country, then as soon as your patent is granted it becomes public. So that means that someone in China will be able to manufacture and sell the ...
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If someone else invents and patents a design 5 years after you've been selling the same design

can they make you stop selling your own invention? Can they make you pay them licensing fees for something you designed way before they did? I designed a unique baby outfit in 2008 and started selling ...
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Shared my work for analysis before applying for a patent?

I have an idea, that is of potential. However, before applying for a patent(U.S then international) it's going through a peer-review process; that is me sharing my work with a few individuals(...
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Question re: compensation for a successful patent based on my invention

A few decades ago I had a great idea, a really novel, lucrative idea about a device, which I can bet is in your home right now. At the time I shared my invention with my then boyfriend who asked if ...
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