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new use for a known patented invention

You obtain a patent which is a new use for an existing patented invention. The patent of the existing patent is still in force and valid. If you want to use your patent, do you have to get a license ...
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What is the inventive step in CA2726258A1?

In reference to the patent: CA2726258A1, "Anti-tumoural effects of cannabinoid combinations". It looks like this patent application was actually a report done on a study about the efficacy of using ...
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Machine, device or apparatus?

What is the process to decide if the tangible invention is a machine, device or apparatus? Any line of thought and supporting examples is appreciated. A singular \ monolithic invention may fit any ...
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Split an invention into multiple patents?

For example, if I have an invention with different implements, can I spit it into multiple patents that each of them doesn't contain others information? The reason may be to keep the competitor ...
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