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Should I Include a Consultant as an Inventor on my Submission

I have been working on an invention for my company for the last few months and it has just been completed. I came up with the idea entirely on my own but I asked a more senior member of the company if ...
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Why is a rule 37 CFR 1.63 form called an "oath or declaration"?

Everywhere I look I see the phrase "oath or declaration." Yet when I look at the form provided by the patent office, it says only "declare." Where is the optional/disjunctive "...
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Does anybody have any information about the inventor Manuel Guillen? [duplicate]

In reference to the patent: US6074673 I wanted to have Informations about the inventor of the patent and if it is possible to contact him.
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I made an invention at work (maybe). What do I need to know?

I had an idea for an invention at work, briefly discussed it with collegues and my boss said "write it up and send it to so-and-so" - which I'm about to do. Maybe what I invented is already SOTA ...
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Which patent claims did George Selden believe Henry Ford violated?

I'm trying to find information for a report analyzing the Ford Vs. Selden case at the turn of the 20th century. I can find a lot of brief case summaries, but I cannot find anything that specifies what ...
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Can you file an executed declaration in a provisional application?

Attorney wants to get declarations executed with respect to the provisional application, then hold it in the file until utility is filed. This is done in case an inventor leaves the company. ...
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