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building almost identical application (mobile) to another business in different jurisdiction

Background I have spent the last 3 years researching a business model/method and then completed building a mobile application that functions in a specific way. I never did any "prior art" ...
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Trans-ocean shipping and patent jurisdiction

I have developed a technology that will keeps fruits in storage and transport from spoiling prematurely. The problem is global in nature which means that I have to be mindful of where my markets are ...
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What countries is this patent effective US5710377 A

In reference to the patent: US5710377 In what countries is patent US5710377A effective/protected currently?
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Are the following patents European only? EP 1849393 B1 and WO2005108015 (A1)

These are patents by a cleaning company in Denmark named Vikan. I would like to understand if these are patents that are European only or also US patents. Also, when I look on the European patent ...
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