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Questions about patent laws and their implementation

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Lost a digital copy of patent specification

I filed the National phase application on 29th Oct 2014 and PCT application on 14th Oct 2015. I lost a flash drive which contained the soft-copy of patent specification (everything related to the ...
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Is a patented European product able to be produced in US?

I came across a product that is solid almost exclusively in Europe with no reach or patenting in the USA. Am I able to pursue production and sale of this product in the USA? Do European patents apply ...
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does the patent examiner not have discretion over how many office actions or examiner's reports after October 3rd, 2022 in Canada?

So does the patent examiner not have discretion over how many office actions or examiner's reports after October 3rd, 2022 or is this table-misleading?
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What is the procedure to use the patent as a reference for our presentation in a conference?

In reference to the patent: US20110209929
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What is the formal structure to write a patent request?

I need to write a patent request, is there any formal structure to follow? My patent aimed on a programming script for a new security method.
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Questions about what the legal status means on Google Patents

This patent has been shown to be in an active status in the US since 2013. However, it appears to have been marked as Abandoned in 2020. In this case, I am curious whether the patent has no legal ...
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Patenting computer software/method that uses public domain aspects

Is it possible to patent or maybe copyright a process of protecting say a file format as a software utility patent, or another type of patent if it uses free domain technology? The main hurdle I am ...
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Which countries does this patent cover? Is it possible to design around it?

In reference to the patent: US20130223070
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Is it legal to download a picture from clients device to company computers?

In reference to the patent: US9396354
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