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Am I able to be sued for patent infringement as an sales agent?

If I sell a product in the US as a US resident sales agent on behalf of an EU seller of a product they manufacture in the EU that subsequently breaches a US patent can I be sued?
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What is the difference between filing a patent as an individual and filing a patent under a corporation or LLC?

What is the difference between filing a patent as an individual (outside of a corporation or LLC), and filing a patent under your name as part of a corporation or LLC that you create for this sole ...
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What legal responsibilities does a listed inventor have?

Short version: Are there or has there ever been a law suit against a patent inventor for a utility patent not fulfilling it's claims? Long version: If a small company or individual were to be granted ...
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pre-patent liability

If an inventor chooses not to apply for patent, but instead to produce and sell a "fad" product, can the profits thereof be taken away by a subsequent non-inventor who applies for and receives a ...
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Patent Search Failure

Is the patent attorney liable when you ask for a patent search and they fail to recognize a patent which is similar to your proposed product in their patent search? Ex. I have an idea for an umbrella....
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