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Maintenance of patents is the payment of fees to maintain the right in force.

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Can I patent a product that another person had a patent on but failed to pay the maintenance fees?

My ex business partner patented a product in 2004 and failed to pay the maintenance fee's. I had an exclusive licensing rights on the product. Since then i have made several changes to it to make it ...
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Patent Revival After 24 Months Expired (New Law)

How difficult it is to revive or renew a patent that has been expired (due to non-payment of maintenance fees) for more than 24 months since the law changed in 2013 (it is my understanding that the ...
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Is there any way to track Patents which are reinstated after non-payment of maintenance fees?

I was tracking US 7,985,418 claiming sevelamer compositions. On 30th August on regular update in Pair I have seen status as "patent expired on 21.04.2014 due to nonpayment of maintenance fees". ...
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How do we reinstate our patent US 5,341,526

I am the owner of patent US 5,341,526. Our mother was the original inventor and was going to pay the maintenance fees, but never did. So, we were told that we lost the patent. Could you please tell ...
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Patent issued in 2005 and now is ceased/expired due to failure to pay maintenance fees

If a patent has been claimed expired/ceased due to failure to pay maintenance fees, and I come in and assign the patent to myself (is this possible) I would also pay all the fees up to date. The ...
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Failure to pay maintenance fees

If an inventor submits an idea and it has been accepted, and he makes no tangible device (it remains intellectual rather than carried out). But then the inventor does not pay the maintenance fees, ...
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Can the patent be revived EP 0639878 B1

This patent on the legal events shows it has ceased on the 22 Jan 2009. Can this be revived by paying the fees. Also how long are patent granted for 15 years or 20 years and is this from the date o ...
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Has patent # US6926341 expired due to non-payment? [duplicate]

Has patent #US6926341 expired due to nonpayment?
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How to get rights to lapsed Patent?

Patent US 5,240,307 is for a invention that my father created. And I see that the patent has lapsed due to non-payment of fees. I was wondering how someone can go about obtaining the patent.
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Is an expired patent in the public domain?

From what I've been reading about US patents, once a patent has expired, it enters the public domain and can be freely used. The patent I was looking at was filed on 1/1999 and published in 10/2000. ...
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Prior Art for Method And System For Improved Network Maintence Scheduling

Application # 20120173688 Primary Filing Category-Telecommunications-455 The system is designed to coordinate planned maintenance on a network in order to prevent collisions and duplicated work ...
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Patent Application 20120173688

What's novel about Patent Application US 20120173688 ? Is there prior art?
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