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Is there a place to get an appraisal for a patent that is intended to be sold or licensed out?

I am estimating that it'll cost me $5,000-$10,000 to get a patent on my invention. The invention is a piece of manufactured textile wearable fitness garment. If it is sold on Amazon, I'd estimate it ...
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does an open source project describing how to make something infringe a patent?

I've been researching better user interfaces, specifically alternatives to mice. In doing this I've come across 3dmice. The only manufacturer seems to be 3dconnexion (owned by logitech). They appear ...
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Expired Patent?

I'm looking at manufacturing a product that has a patent # clearly printed on the product. But after a little digging on google patents, it clearly says "Legal status Expired - Lifetime" with a "...
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What is the status of US20120049410?

Has the patent been issued? Has been approved for manufacturing? In reference to the patent: US20120049410
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Can this device be made by anyone now?

In reference to the patent: CA2366687C
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HP Ink manufacture process patent or any other ink manufacturing patent

Where can I find ink manufacturing process patent compatible with HP.
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What kind of patent is this 'interlocking flexible rigid material'?

Apple recently filed an application in the US: 20130216740 INTERLOCKING FLEXIBLE SEGMENTS FORMED FROM A RIGID MATERIAL I am confused by the contrasting elements of the description, such as this ...
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