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Where can I find the patent for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine?

Since the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is patented, one could assume that patent and the used mRNA-string are published somewhere. If that is the case, where can one find it?
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Why do pharmaceutical patents needs to list other drugs the patented drug could be combined with?

I know this is quite a specialist subject but I thought there might be some pharma patent experts here. I am trying to understand why when you apply for a patent for a particular therapeutic compound, ...
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Can cosmetic method that doesn't involve drugs be patented?

Just as an example, imagine I found that specific scalp massage technique prevents baldness and have done a study that proves it scientifically, can this be patented?
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Can I patent a genetically modified animal before creating the one?

I have an idea of a genetically modified animal whose artificial features will solve certain practical problem. The combination of features is far from trivial. Can I patent (in UK, EU, US and the ...
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A cure for a disease. What next?

I have invented a medicine for a very popular skin disease. After some googling I learned that there is not a known cure. This medicine is made from extraction of a chemical change of a certain plants....
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Pseudoscience and bad medicine

So, one can patent snake-oil treatments now? "Neurocutaneous syndrome" as Amin uses the term is not recognized as a real condition by any medical or scientific authority. He is the only person on ...
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Is it Legal to make an artificial kidney despite the patent?

In reference to the patent: US7083653 Does this mean that Charles Jennings is the only one able to make an artificial kidney? If one is to use a personal design is that legal?
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Can a government hold a patent?

In reference to the patent: WO1999053917A1 Is it legal for a government/company to own a patent? Compared to a human person? Does any regular US citizen have the rights to any patent held by their ...
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If a medicine is listed in an ancient book, can it still be patented?

I have seen many patents related to use of herbs in medicines, like some homemade remedy for cough syrup etc. A large number of such remedies are already listed in many ancient medical books, one ...
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Prior art which discloses less than 2mg of prednisone used for treatment of arthritis

Which is the closest prior art for this patent which discloses less than 2mg of prednisone used for treatment of arthritis? The list of documents in hit results includes US6677326 patent European ...
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