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Questions related to a particular procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.

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Software Patents: Claiming as a METHOD vs as a SYSTEM?

Software patents could be described in claims as methods or as systems. One cannot claim damages for infringement of METHODS until the method is used (e.g. when the software is run). But, one can ...
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A patent with both apparatus (i.e. system) and method?

I read a while back that one's goal should be a patent that is a method, a system and a means (I don't quite know what a means is). Is this actually a good goal? I also read that all the steps of a ...
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If I claim a specific method in a utility patent, do my more general methods also get protected?

I'm considering patenting a method (a business model + software + UI, for use on personal computers). The method itself and the functions included in the method can be accomplished in various ways, ...
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