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Patent the Code, Software or both?

I have not patented anything an am new to this. I have a language learning methodology by learning by an online platform. We use our own methodology developed by us and the platform was developed from ...
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Where/how can I find the reason for a rejected patent?

When searching information regarding a specific patent, I am often interested in information on its status, e.g. has it entered national phase in some countries, was it granted or rejected, etc. I ...
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Using patented methodology as a tool to create products

In the area of chip design tools almost every "methodology" is patented, which is basically, a computer implementation of diverse textbook algorithms so vaguely phrased that if you ever try to ...
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Patenting same idea with different methodology

I had a key idea to StartUp a company. But I found other company already holding a patent(found in Google patent search) on same idea but different approach to accomplish it. Can I patent the same ...
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Developed methodology listed in patent claims, yet not listed as an inventor?

Myself and a co-worker developed the methodology for performing a process (software development), and we even helped author the claims for the provisional patent application, yet we have been left off ...
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