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Military application patents?

Let’s say a regular person comes up with a new design for a missile with speakers so that said missile plays something like Flight of the Valkyries before impact to warn civilians or for psyops or ...
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Navy Wheel Chocks - Additional Patents?

In reference to the patent: US3189127 I have been conducting research about the navy wheel chocks and have been only able to find this patent. Are there any additional patents out there with regards ...
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How much does it cost to buy a patent to protect your invention if you are a civilian, a public member?

I mean by public a person, a civilan acting on his or her private time, a user of the web. I am really not aware if I can enter the building being an homeless in San Jose, Ca, USA. I follow the Law at ...
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Would the Irish military have the right to claim ownership of an employee's invention?

I work in the military in Ireland and have an idea for an invention based on my military experience and knowledge. I am wondering whether the military hierarchy would have the legal right to claim ...