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Is additional device claim allowable for CII type claims?

Let's say we are drafting a claim set comprises computer implemented method claim, device claim (for executing method like processing unit), a program claim and a computer readable medium claim. (The ...
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Can I file a patent application with two applicant corporations?

I would like to file a patent application that is jointly owned by two companies. Can both companies be applicants? Will both company names appear on patent publications?
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Reciting claims for elements whose function can be achieved by multiple different mechanisms

I need to hear some of your strategies adopted to deal with a common situation as described in the title of this thread. As we know, an invention has multiple elements each providing its own function ...
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Patent with Multiple Claims

Suppose a granted patent has four claims A,B,C and D. Can someone do what the patent teaches using only A,B and C only without infringing the issued patent? Ashok Mathur
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1 vote
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Split an invention into multiple patents?

For example, if I have an invention with different implements, can I spit it into multiple patents that each of them doesn't contain others information? The reason may be to keep the competitor ...
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Multiple Inventions as Independent Claims

This may be a dumb question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere, so here it goes: Can I file multiple different and unrelated inventions as independent claims in one application? For example, let'...
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Can a patent have more than one, multiple preferred embodiments?

Can a patent have more than one multiple preferred embodiments? Where is this discussed in MPEP?
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3 answers

Multiple patents or a single patent?

If one has a software idea with perhaps several features that could be patented individually would it be best to file a single patent that describes all the features or to combine all of the features ...
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