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2 answers

Regarding partial overlap with pending patent of combination of (non-novel) methods

I would like to get a better understanding on how infringement is determined in case of combined claims. Specifically I am confronted with a pending patent combining methods A and B in the following ...
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1 answer

How to create multiple patents from core patent?

I need to file around 5 patents. Patent A, B, C, D and E Patent A is the core invention. Patent B, C, D and E are derivative patents and it depends on the Patent A invention. I have no problem in ...
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1 answer

Selling a "kit" instead of complete patented product

I came across one completed product that is already patented (based on 2-3 parts). Will it be a problem for the vendor if it sells the kits (non-patentable parts) instead of complete patented product ...
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3 votes
2 answers

One design patent for multiple interchangeable parts on a product?

Can I get a single design patent for a design with multiple interchangeable parts? Let's say I design a hat with multiple interchangeable decorative parts. You could buy the base hat with some velcro ...
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