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Can conflicting applications be considered for determing the obvious of a later-filed application?

Conflicting applications are earlier-filed and later-published applications to a the claimed invention (later-filed). It could be prejudicial to the novelty but not obvious of the claimed invention in ...
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How to deal with prior art with absurdly broad claims?

Suppose there is a patent with claim A that is filed five years ago. It might not be perceived as "obvious" five years ago but it is very common nowadays. Suppose John wants to file a patent ...
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US 20120260509 A1 (Gilette) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST [closed]

Is patent application US20120260509 A1 obvious given prior art patent US5560106 A? They both seem to be trying to accomplish the same thing and given that the prior art was from the early 90's I would ...
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