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My late husband, Thomas Bruce Meagher patent guru has 52 utility patents, as his widow should I get any royalities? It has not been 20 years for some

I am the Widow of Thomas Bruce Meagher patent guru, lost my husband January 1 2010 in horrible accident. Is it possible I could get royalities from his 52 utility Patents? We were married fifteen ...
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Contacting patent owner?

I am interested in contacting the owner of this patent EP2120618B1 I found through a google patent search. How can I find owner/inventor information?
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Is our own patent application, which is filed in grace period, consider as grace period disclousure?

I filled two application 3 month apart and the first application is published before the second one's application date. My first application is classifed as "X" in the search report of the ...
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US66309967A and US3462767 flush valve

US66309967A and US3462767 flush valve patents. My father Harold F Larson & Robert L Schultz designed a few patents. They sold the rights I would like to know who?
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Know the owner of a patent when initial filing company no longer exists

When a patent was filed by a company that no longer exists, what is the best way to find out its current owner? In my case the company that filed the patent at the time first merged with a second ...
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