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A company patented my idea (paper that I presented and publsihed)

During my master's degree, I wrote a paper and my supervisor did not understand my methodology was novel so he did not file a patent, after two years I noticed that a group of people from a company ...
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Commercializing a published research paper without the permission of author?

Is is possible for any to commercialize my published research paper once it is published in a renowned journal, I haven't applied for the patent? I know that once you are published, the knowledge ...
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How related is this to a 2014 research paper

In reference to the patent: US9383895B1 The patent sounds quite similar to the following paper. MixFab: a mixed-reality environment for personal fabrication
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Response to Notice to file corrected application papers

An applicant has been asked to submit a substitute specification in compliance with 37 CFR 1.52, 1.121(b)(3) and 1.125. The amendments are made to brief description of drawings, detailed description ...