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2 answers

During patent application submission, which case is correct for approval?

I would like to submit an application for a new mechanism to be patented. Do I have to attach the complete mechanism including screws, nuts, housing and general electric components like DC motors in ...
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Basic Shaped Products Design Patents

I am looking into filing for a design patent, and have been consulting with a patent lawyer. The product I would like to patent is somewhat of a combination of a few basic shapes that I fear have a ...
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Which patent is right?

I am developing a cosmetics line and have come up with a unique packaging design. It's not just the look, the package actually opens in a different way. Would I need a design patent or utility patent.
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Can someone steal the designs associated with a patent application that has not been granted? Are the designs afforded protection?

If a patent application (PCT/WIPO) is not granted and yet the associated designs before publication were completely original/novel and never appeared in prior art (and yet functionality is linked to ...
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