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Embodiment with optional feature vs two separate embodiments?

Suppose I've invented a hoverboard (Claim 1) and furthermore it can optionally have wheels that can be lowered for effect (Claim 2 reciting the machine of Claim 1 further comprising the wheels). One ...
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Can reference characters refer to both singulars and plurals in the description?

Suppose a drawing contains a (single) thing labeled with a reference character, for example, "Client Device 102." Is it proper to later refer to the client device using a plural? For ...
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Drawing quality after the PTO gets done with them

I have a Design patent and a Provisional patent in play at the moment. I looked at the progress in PAIR for both and things seem to be hunky dory. I decided to have a look at the drawings portion in ...
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When will the patent office change for free the drawing published on an application?

I filed a US patent application in February and requested early publication. The patent application was just published, and the drawing on the cover page is not the one I suggested. In fact, the ...
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