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Invalidate a Patent

I have to invalidate the EP patent having Mar 2014 as priority date, whether the search should focus on filing date or published date of prior arts? and Can we consider a patent as prior art having ...
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Tinder vs Bumble swipe matching process and "Alice decision"

I came across this article: Tinder's patents: https:...
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Are patents WO2015191648A1 and US20190365145A1 valid? Another older patent covers claims 1 - 4. What to do in such a case?

I'm not sure if these patents (WO2015191648A1 and US20190365145A1) are valid. Maybe someone can help me regarding following questions: According to WO2015191648A1, under legal events there is stated: ...
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Can inequitable conduct lead to patent invalidation before litigation?

If an applicant knowingly withholds prior art information from an IDS, are there ways the patent can be invalidated after grant (other than through litigation)?
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Validity / Invalidity of patent : How to approach from the beginning to end

I am here to find out the what exactly step take in order to invalidate a patent. I went through many of the articles but I got confused , is it ok to cite the family patent in invalidation if the ...
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Is it true that a significant percentage of patents do not hold up when challenged?

In an article written by a prominent patent attorney and broker, he stated: “...recent studies show that more than half of the patents in circulation will end up being invalidated if challenged.” How ...
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In reference to the patent: US20170183057 I overheard from this "inventor" that he sold this tech to professional cycling teams. Including a multiple winning famous cyclist "LA"!! What?? Surely this ...
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What if a patent that was used to sue a company got invalidated later?

Let's suppose, An organization sued another company, say ABC, with their patent X and won with handful amount in damages. What if in the future its patent (X) gets invalidated by someone else? Will ...
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