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How to find if US patent is applicable in INDIA? How to find the PCT number?

US20160255970A1 has US to identify if they have applicability in Indian and European Markets? How to find the PCT number?
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Can I sell in Europe a product patented in the United States?

Here I have a product that was patented by my competitor only in the United States. I had the idea of launching it in Europe. Based on some research, I was able to find out that I don't have the right ...
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Can I legally sell my own product in my country which is patented in another country?

I made one product.but after survey,I got that the idea which I used to make my product is already patented in other country.but that product is not provided to customer (market) by them. their ...
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Patenting an already created product

I recently had an amazing product idea, and unfortunately, I found out the product is already being patented. My question is, can I create and produce an already patented product? For example, there ...
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