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In practice, how often do U.S. pharmaceutical companies start clinical trials before obtaining their patent from the USPTO?

On the one hand, I can see that companies may want to be cautious and obtain patents before starting expensive clinical trials. On the other hand, for drugs with large commercial potentials, it seems ...
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Why do pharmaceutical patents needs to list other drugs the patented drug could be combined with?

I know this is quite a specialist subject but I thought there might be some pharma patent experts here. I am trying to understand why when you apply for a patent for a particular therapeutic compound, ...
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How are patents to "a second medical use" enforced?

As I understand it, the EPO allows claims to a second medical use of a known substance. These claims are not the same as the formerly used "Swiss-type claims" that were drawn to the use and ...
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When filing the patent about a repurposed compound, how different must the new application context be?

In Pharma, and as far as I know, if someone discovers that an already patented FDA drug (compound A) for context A can be repurposed to context B, then she can file a patent for the compound A in the ...
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References for making patents for pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S

I want to learn how to write pharmaceutical combination drug (API) patents and the format for them. Are there any good references also to learn how to evaluate the quality of a patent? whether it's ...
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Can separate patents be awarded for different delivery mechanisms for the same drug?

Context is US law. Say a company develops some new drug with some new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). They also have two formulations containing said API which allows the drug to be delivered ...
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Drug patents: Is some proof of therapeutic use required before patenting?

I know that chemical compounds are usually first patented right after discovery, long before they are clinically tested. Is there, however, any requirement on the application for proof of its intended ...
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validity of pharmaceutical patent in another country

If a pharmaceutical is patented in the US could it be produced and sold freely in another country?
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