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Is it possible to patent a product designed entirely with computer simulations?

I have designed a product called a Metamaterial that absorbs acoustic waves at broadband frequencies. The design is novel and demonstrated entirely through physics-based simulation software (Comsol). ...
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Can I discuss my idea with experts?

I have many ideas in the past... and I've failed many of them. But I have a newer idea that believe could hold some value, would rather take an experts opinion on the idea to disprove it or find what ...
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Prior art and patentability [closed]

A a scientific principle to specifically aid an automobile performance patent has run out. The principle has been used in other applications. Its use in bicycle design has recently been patented. ...
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Should certain concepts be avoided/included when searching for fluid dynamics patents?

I'm interested to find the range of patented art for apparatus / systems that control the shape/structure of fluid motion. I'm interested in fluid separations, but dis-interested in screens media ...
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Prior art for Dual Air Drying Arrangement

Many people in the commercial vehicle industry use a "twin" air drying arrangement. Patent #us8118911, originally filed Nov. 10, 2006, and was granted on Feb 21, 2012, seems ridiculous to me....
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