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Tools for finding plant patents faster or tips for using google patent for plant patent searches?

Title says most of it, I'm looking for some plant patents to see if my cultivar is patented, and if not if I can patent and sell it myself. This is my first time trying to search this, so I'm hoping ...
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When does Surfinia patent expire?

Surfinia was patented on 1987 by Suntory. It is a botanical variety of petunia artificially created.
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Is it fraudulent to give inaccurate information about the invention in a patent?

I'm specifically interested in a particular plant patent. The patent describes the leaf size, but the plants sold (under the patented name by the owner of the patent) have a different leaf size. Is it ...
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Raspberry Cultivar Patent

The cultivar Watson is a variety of red raspberry that is trademarked as Ruby by Cornell University (Cornell Research Foundation). It has larger fruit, is more resistant to disease, and has an early ...
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Patenting medicinal plants in Australia [closed]

Interest in associated costs and what potentially pharmaceutical companies may pay for such patents? Also do patents generate money without selling them?
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How does an “open release” affect enforcement of plant patents?

The following excerpt (with patent links added) is from Making Sense of New Apple Varieties, Trademarks and Clubs: Current Status (2009): ‘Cameo’ (‘Caudle’): An open release, this variety was a ...
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Can I plant broccoli in my backyard?

Can I plant broccoli in my backyard? This patent seems to cover some kinds of broccoli. What does that mean for a backyard grower? US8030549 Broccoli type adapted for ease of harvest Publication type:...
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How long is this plant patent protection USPP9753P, 20 or 25 years

Avocado tree called Lamb/Hass plant patent US PP9,753 P. Is this a 20 or 25 year protection.
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