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In the U.S., a process for opposing patents covered by the AIA. PGR allows a 3rd party to question a patent during the first 9 months from issue.

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JP Morgan patents "basic app communication"

Headline: JP Morgan Chase just got a patent on basic app communications The article alleges that A simple Google search would have found oodles of prior art. I'm sure JP Morgan should pursue any ...
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Geomechanical Rock [closed]

How to determine total vertical stress sigma V due to weight of overburden rock, and minor horizontal total stress sigma hmin from density log.
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US patent 8,625,805 reinvents encrypted mail

I believe US patent 8,625,805, granted to Wickr on January 7, 2014, is either not novel, or an obvious variation of ordinary encrypted mail as it has been used for decades. Here is claim 1: A system,...
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How long does the post-grant patent review process take?

I've read that anyone can request a post-grant patent review (assuming you have the money to cover the administrative costs) for as long as a patent is enforceable but I can't find any information on ...
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So patent application 20130025039 has been issued a PATENT?

Has patent application 20130025039 Been granted a patent?
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Can some explain "inter partes review" and "ex parte reexamination"?

Can someone explain what "inter partes review" and "ex parte reexamination" are when challenging patents with prior art?
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Over time, which patent legislation applies, current or past?

Let's imagine a patent is filed in 2003 and later approved by the USPTO. Let's imagine someone wants to challenge it with valid prior art (year 2000 for example). Which legislation applies? The one ...
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What is the time period allowed to get a "post-grant review"?

According to a recent blog post on "Section 18 of last year's America Invents Act provides for a "post-grant review proceeding for review of the validity of covered business method patents.""...
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