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Related to procedures between the patent holder and the patent offices, opposing a patent before grant and similar questions. (The only way to do that is a Third Party Observation (TPO), so please include that tag if your question is about opposing a patent application.)

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Location-based marketing - Providing ticketing and access to attractions. (Smart Destinations) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON Enhanced marketing responsive to customer path data between attractions - This application from Smart Destinations, Inc seeks to patent the idea of...Enhanced data collection ...
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EDA software (IC design)

Looking for prior art on this: Best answered by IC design people who use that kind of software. Basically looking for what's in the main figure, two ...
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Switchably transparent/opaque window hiding electronic fingerprint scanner, camera (Apple) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Apple has an application pending that would probably go into iPhones. The idea is that you have the camera or fingerprint scanner or other electronic component behind a window that can be turned ...
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Acoustic Location - Using vehicles as sensors (Raytheon) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Looking for additional prior art for this Raytheon patent application related to vehicle-based acoustic locating systems. Title Methods for locating an acoustic source Publication Number: US ...
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18 mo application publication start from continuation filing date or original filing date?

When a continuation application is filed, does publication of the patent application occur 18 mo. after the original application or the continuation filing date (assuming 18 mo. disclosure is required)...
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Is this patent valid? Or just granted and never used

In reference to the patent: US8602429 Is this patent Valid? There are a lot of manufactures wordwide who sells exact this product. Can someone check for me if there are any issues going on with this ...
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