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Help kill bad patent applications by providing evidence of prior art. Making a difference is as simple as using Google to find literature relevant to a pending application. Follow @AskPatents for a feed.

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Prior art for using a camera in self-driving cars

Toyota has filed a patent (#20120226392) for a "Driving support apparatus and driving support method". Its main claim: A driving support apparatus that performs a driving support for causing a ...
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Prior art for athletic gear with padded seat area

Patent application #20120222191 titled "Sports garment with a seat pad, in particular for cycling" claims to have a unique method for attaching a padded section to a spandex cycling short. Here's ...
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Prior art for bed management in healthcare

While browsing for software patents, I happened upon Patent Application #20120226507, which seeks to patent a system for moving patient beds from one room to another. The claims: ...
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Timeline Display for Vehicle Fleet Management - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

US Patent Application US20120226390: History timeline display for vehicle fleet management A system for providing history information for a plurality of vehicles, the system comprising: a ...
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Prior art for a simple versioning system on a document database

US Patent Application US20120226658: Data model versioning for document databases Claim #1 describes an extremely simple versioning system for a document database: A method, comprising: ...
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Amusement Game - Dice that return independent variables or a random color - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

The "Die for use in game play" patent application describes a die that returns two independent (random) variables. According to the application, one is ("preferably") a color. The other, as you might ...
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Prior art for video games played according to a selected value system such as the claimed "codes of honor"

US patent application 2012/0052930 is titled "System and method for the heros journey mythology code of honor video game engine and heros journey code of honor spy games wherein one must fake the ...
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