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Claims to priority based on foreign filings, parent application filings, or provisional application filings.

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How can the difference between "Priority Date" and "Filing Date" be greater than 1 year?

For most patents (at least the ones I looked at) there is no more than 1 year difference between "Priority Date" and "Filing Date": often exactly 1 year, and if not, just under 1 year. This must be ...
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Can Patent A be considered as a prior art over Patent B with a priority date before the filing date of Patent B?

We have: Patent A, filed Nov. 29, 2006 in the US, claimed the benefit of a DE application, filed Feb. 02, 2006,(there is a PCT application filed Nov. 29, 2006 with the publication date Aug. 30, 2007, ...
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What is the priority date of US 4,851,616 A?

What is the correct priority date of US 4,851,616 A, and what are the legal ramifications if an inventor deliberately misrepresents the priority date based on an error in the patent? Please provide ...
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Is 12-month Paris Convention priority claim deadline extendable?

This question asks if a priority claim under the Paris Convention can be made after the 12-month deadline, and the accepted answer is 'no'. However, I wanted to ask again if this is really the case. ...
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Can WIPO application filed after 12 months from priority date?

I forget to file WIPO application after 12 months from priority date of a US provisional application. While within 12 months I filed US non provisional application, is there any way to file ...
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