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Questions tagged [priority]

Claims to priority based on foreign filings, parent application filings, or provisional application filings.

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Lost a digital copy of patent specification

I filed the National phase application on 29th Oct 2014 and PCT application on 14th Oct 2015. I lost a flash drive which contained the soft-copy of patent specification (everything related to the ...
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prior art proof

I filed a provisional application in 1994 . Then i sent a full description of my invention to an eminent professor in the field of that invention in USA, soon after filing the provisional application ,...
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Can an abandoned patent affect an issued one ? There's a twist

Patent A was filed formally, March-13-2010, published Nov-2011 Patent B was filed provisional, March-14-2010, then formal-filed Mar-2011 The patents covered some similar areas, but Patent B spec was ...
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meaning of first application in claiming priority

Claiming priority is overall referred to the Paris Convention (PC). Thus, even if I refer to the EPC, it shall have the same answer for countries which are WTO or PC members. Priority is defined by ...
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Validity and Standing

In reference to the patent: US6405939 How long is this Patent standing and valid for?
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