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Claims to priority based on foreign filings, parent application filings, or provisional application filings.

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Examiner's search for prior art. Does it include non-published applications and patents younger than the priority date?

I have two questions regarding the functioning of the patent application examination process. Hopefully someone can shed some light. If a patent application has been filed but not yet published, does ...
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Provisional Patent Application validity questions

I am considering filing a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) on my own. If PPAs are never examined, is it correct to assume that I get a "patent pending" on whatever (since it is not ...
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Can I file US provisional patent, and publish the invention, then file for PCT after that? For how long can it be legal?

I will file provisional patent, then publish it. Can I file PCT application after that based on US provisional priority date? If yes, what is the maximum time I can have before filing PCT application?...
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Out of USPTO and GCC which one should be filed first?

I want to protect my invention in gulf and US both. Now shall I first file in Gulf (GCC) and then move to USPTO or the V.V ?
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Priority vs. benefit

What is the proper use of the phrases "claim priority from" and "claim the benefit of"? Can they be used interchangeably? When should both be used, if ever? Does this definition make sense: "...
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Production of patented product predates the product's patent

Patent US8144070 protects the IP concerning the portable Yagi-Uda antenna product called SuperAntenna Model YP-3... The problem is ...
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Is it possible to apply for a patent, if same invention was applied in other country by other but not applied for this country?

Let's say John applied for a patent in Germany on Jul 7, 2012, but did not apply for a patent of the same invention, that is, a patent which John could claim priority, in the US until Jul 7, 2013. Now,...
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Claiming priority or not

I filed a patent(provisional) a couple of months ago. The disclosure consist of two parts: 50% description of an underlying technology, and 50% a specific application of this technology. I haven't ...
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patent claiming that priority no?

Patent no WO2012164480 (A1) which is claiming priority to patent IN2011DE01539 (IN201101539I1), can these two patents be considered as the same patent or are they different patents?
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How many priority numbers can a patent have?

When I search patents at I see that some patent documents have multiple priority numbers. For example WO2010054132 has 4 priority numbers. (see bibliographic data). What does this mean? ...
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