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Is this patent application granted, abandonded or pending? Which countries does it cover? Are there family members?

Is the patent link to the patent valid? Has it been granted? For which countries does the protection apply? Are there other patents associated wth it? How do I know all this? (This question is ...
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This Patent has been Successfully Issued by the USPTO

In reference to the patent: [US20050165667][1] [1]: Is it True that US Patent No 9,530,132 was successfully issued on ...
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Third Party Observations in China

Does somebody know which is the procedure to submit a Third Party Observation at SIPO (China)? On its website there isn't any information related to TPOs.
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Arguments allowed in "Concise Description of Relevance" in USPTO prior art filing

During the Third-Party Preissuance Submission under 37 CFR 1.290 one can submit prior art documents together with Concise Description of Relevance explaining relevance of said document. To what level ...
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A generic software that can be used to infringe a specific patented procedure

A magnitude is measured using some procedure that translates signal to magnitude value using an associated software. The procedure is patented. I have a more general software that translates signal ...
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Examples and guidance for algorithms and procedures

Where can I find examples and guidance on drafting an algorithm? This is not for patenting the algorithm as such, which I believe must be attached to hardware. This has more to do with the procedure ...
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