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For questions relating to the process of filling for or obtaining patents through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Is it practical for a novice to successfully file a patent without hiring a patent lawyer?

I am an undergraduate student in the US, and have come up with a (hopefully) patentable idea independently of my studies. The upside of that is the university cannot claim any rights to my invention; ...
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How can an individual participate in the examination process for US Patent Applications?

Is there a mechanism for the public to participate on the examination process of a patent under examination? More specifically, is there a mechanism, for a person or for a company, to submit ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Revising a poor English translation of a US national phase application based on a foreign language PCT application

A patent application was originally drafted in a language other than English and filed in a country other than the US. It was subsequently translated into English and made a PCT application and ...
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Scientifically invalid patents

This is going to be a weird question. I am an academic researcher. In my field there has been a key topic whose "accepted" solution has been known not to work since 1962. Nobody had been able to ...
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Can I patent this process or workflow?

I was suggested to come here to ask this question- didn't even know this board existed. Hopefully I can get some info here. Onto the Q: I'm about to launch a startup that specializes in advertising. ...
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