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Can I file a patent application on a new objective function for an optimal programming?

I invented a new objective function of an optimal programming which will lead to a new solving approach. Can I file a patent application on a new objective function for an optimal programming? Thanks. ...
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Patentability of a specialized programming library/framework

I am a newbie here, so direct me to the right thread if this question has been asked before. I recently talked to an IP attorney and he stated that any "method" or "program" ran on a "regular computer"...
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How to ensure you are not infringing patents

I was interested on Mobile Code/App generators and I landed on google patents. I checked patents related to Code Generators and I saw 4 or more entries that does similar things. So I'm curious why are ...
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Website exit intend detection technology patent

I am making a website code that will display popup when user tries to leave website. Javascript code is used for that. A solution how to detect mouse leave window was published 5 years ago inside ...
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Patenting firmware along with sensor design. How do I start?

I've created a wireless parking space sensor using a specific micro-controller and other components. I'm sure the same components used can be utilized in a different manner by others just with a ...
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If I write a program with all original code, is it still subject to patent law?

This is a question that has bothered my for some time now. This question is not about copyright or trademark law, the example would be a clear violation of that. This is the example: If I write a ...
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