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Question related to SAMPLE, a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed. its requirement and involvement in Law of patents.

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Prototype developed outside of work, employer wants me to finalize work in house. Do I automatically lose my IP?

I developed a prototype outside of work using my own materials and time. The end product would be very useful in my field of work so I showed it to my boss, who now wants me to finish development in ...
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Could I allow the public to build proof of concept while protecting my patent rights?

I have filed a provisional patent for my holographic system. This is a field crowded with, sometimes literally, smoke and mirrors, systems that fail to work, or deliver the promised effect. This has ...
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Why would an examiner decline demonstration of an invention?

I received a final OA rejecting my application, and I will have my patent attorney do an RCE. The examiner clearly does not understand the mechanics of the concept. I have ten patents; this is nothing ...
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Any Chance the USPTO will accept 3D Models as Digital Prototypes in the future?

Has anyone who is familiar with any modernization efforts of the US patent system heard proposals to accept 3D Digital models in addition or in lieu of patent drawings? If so do you have any ...
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Is a prototype mandatory for applying a patent? [duplicate]

Do I need a prototype to apply for a patent? And if so, does the prototype have be of the same material as finished product? Or can highly detailed cad drawings do the job?
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Prototype requirement and patent enablement wrt written description requirements

In reference to the patent: WO1997013970A1 Is this patent still active/ enforceable? I think this design is too similar to a detroit diesel 71 series uniflow engine. There are at least two other ...
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