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Repatenting someone else's dropped provisionals

My question is, can anybody provide any part of the US patent law proving or disproving the statement that: Dropped and unpublished provisionals do not impede novelty of other inventions? And how ...
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When exactly do you lose the provisionals priority?

After reading some previous questions about provisionals, especially from inventors wanting to write them themselfs and consult an attorney only for the non provisional, I was wondering, how much do ...
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How detailed should a provisional patent application be? (Software)

I am considering filing for a provisional patent which deals with mobile and web technologies. Now this is a method to do something. But how detailed do I go? Right now, I have something working in ...
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How can the difference between "Priority Date" and "Filing Date" be greater than 1 year?

For most patents (at least the ones I looked at) there is no more than 1 year difference between "Priority Date" and "Filing Date": often exactly 1 year, and if not, just under 1 year. This must be ...
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US20140312193A1 Is this an expired PPA or a non provisional patent?

I invented a similar idea years ago but never sold it or disclosed it publicly. ALthough I thought about patenting it in 2013 and could not find any anything similar at the time, I just didn't have ...
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How would I file a Provisional Patent by myself?

I have a great idea that I would like to protect, but I don't have the budget for a patent attorney at the moment. I was thinking to do it by my own. I wanted to know if I try my best to define the ...
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Objecting granted Patent based on own e-mail correspondence as Prior art?

15 years ago I filed a provisional patent to establish myself as first in line to patent an idea for a novel internet business. I then submitted the idea (my working notes and flowchart) to a ...
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Why do patent description contains serial numbers like [0001], [0002] etc?

In most US patent descriptions, I see serial numbers like [0001], [0002] etc. Are they there for readability or are they a requirement? I'm working on provisional patent application. Does a ...
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is a provisional utility patent the way I need to go?

I want to protect my invention as soon as, and as fast as possible with a provisional utility patent for the software and hardware design, and then have 12 months to complete the claims, etc. for the ...
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Should I file multiple provisional patent applications when my invention can span different sizes?

I am working on a provisional patent application for a household object. The invention is a simple item that comes in a large and small size. Do I need to file separate applications for each size, if ...
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How similar does non provisional and provisional patent have to be?

I prefer to not spend a lot of money before I see if it has any value so I would like to file a provisional patent on my own. The basic invention takes some data from inputs encodes it in a certain ...
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Can an idea be released into the public domain while patent is pending?

I understand that a successful patent application can take several years from first filing to granted. I'm trying to understand what options a startup has in making progress on developing the product ...
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Is there a cheaper patent for low income applicants?

Is there a government supplement that offsets the cost of obtaining a patent for low income families?
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Which countries require a claim for using a PPA as priority date?

The book Patent It Yourself states: I recommend that your PPA contain at least one claim (to) prevent any challenge to your PPA by foreign patent offices for failure to claim the invention as of ...
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Provisional application drawings vs non provisional patent drawings

Can the drawings in a provisional application be less detailed than the drawings that will be submitted in a corresponding non-provisional patent as long as there are no material differences between ...
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Multiple patents from a single provisional patent application?

I am filing a provisional application for a device that that can be use to improve the operation and performance of a very common item. The device can be designed to be integrated into the design of ...
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Where to describe the problem in my application

I am preparing a provisional application for a project I have been working on. In the link below, from IP Australia, they say that the problem and solution should be described as part of the Summary, ...
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