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Can I include multiple specific software functionalities of my broad idea in a single provisional patent application?

I have a limited budget and I am looking form a startup based on my idea. My idea is related to mobile (Android, iOS, etc) apps and a supporting website. It is a broad idea which can be implemented ...
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How detailed should a provisional patent application be? (Software)

I am considering filing for a provisional patent which deals with mobile and web technologies. Now this is a method to do something. But how detailed do I go? Right now, I have something working in ...
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Which is the best way to file a provisional application in the United States?

We are a group of researchers in Europe, interested in filling a provisional application for a patent regarding a device that we developed. What is the cheapest, fastest and more effective way to do ...
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Searching for US Provisional Patents

US8261231 "claims benefit to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/472,609, which was filed on Apr. 6, 2011... The contents of the above-identified applications are incorporated by reference in ...
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Confidentiality of revised diagrams in a provisional application

If I file a revision to a provisional patent (some diagrams are not detailed enough), would the original diagrams be automatically destroyed / kept secret, or will they still show?
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