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For an appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), what is the precise meaning of "twice rejected"?

It appears that I will have to appeal the decision of an examiner, and if I could do so without waiting for a final rejection, I might be able to catch the tail end of the Fast-Track Appeals Program, ...
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Since PTAB has been formed, what percentage of patents have been invalided due to being retroactively deemed "Obvious"?

This question is motivated by this If there is statistics, what percentage of ...
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Can a patent issued before Alice, but suspect of not meeting its standards now, be invalidated at the PTAB?

I agree with some if not most of the fundamental principles of Alice despite its somewhat ambiguous construction as of now. Presumed is a patent issued pre-Alice, and post-Alice be found not meeting ...
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Can someone explain how PTAB invaliated Molly Metz's jump rope patent?

I am reading up on this case: How is the patent determined to be "obvious" by the PTAB?
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Since PTAB has been established, what percentage of all granted patents have been challenged?

This statistic is extremely important. If this statistic is not trivially low, then the patent system is broken. What is more important, what percentage of patents that became profitable were ...