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How to declare no patent ownership for software code?

I have a small piece of code I'd like to release to the public domain. I'm considering using a CC0 license, but it has that infamous patent clause that prevents people from freely reusing CC0 code. ...
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How to release an existing patent into the public domain?

Suppose I own a patent that has not expired. How do I legally and reliably transfer it to the public domain?
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Are US patents protected by copyright or can I reproduce them on my website? [duplicate]

Patents are a good source of accurate, or scientific information. They also have information about the inventor. Are the patents in the public domain? Can I reproduce them on my website?
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Can an idea be released into the public domain while patent is pending?

I understand that a successful patent application can take several years from first filing to granted. I'm trying to understand what options a startup has in making progress on developing the product ...
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PCT patents , is it Public Domain or up for grabs in my country?

If a PCT patent was filed in lets say "Ukraine" in 2004, but the owner let it never actually got it published as a patent in a national phase(in any country)legally may I file a similar patent in the ...
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Do patentless idea implementations published on a web site enter the public domain?

If someone publishes build instructions for an idea on their web site, and never pursues patent protection, does that idea and its implementation: Enter the public domain? If so, when? If not, why? ...
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Defensive publication and public domain

Are folks who publish design details, implementing an idea, putting that idea's implementation into the public domain? Put another way... have these publishers, whether they wanted to or not: ...
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Patent application is in the Public Domain

When there is a patent application submitted for an idea that has been around for years and is common knowledge what can you do?
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Is an expired patent in the public domain?

From what I've been reading about US patents, once a patent has expired, it enters the public domain and can be freely used. The patent I was looking at was filed on 1/1999 and published in 10/2000. ...
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Does usage of a website constitute public disclosure of the patentable server components for the website?

Does usage of a website constitute public disclosure of the patentable server components for the website? In other words: will the grace period start for server components as soon as users start ...
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How can I provably put something in the public domain so that someone else can not patent it?

I have a good idea that is non-obvious and new. I want to make this technology (a new encryption technique) available for everyone to use, and keep it entirely patent-free, including myself. I have ...
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Availibility to the public domain

From my limited understanding of the patent system, if I were to invent something but I didn't file for a patent, then someone else could still patent my idea. If I want to keep my invention open, is ...
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Is Disclosure to a Senior Government Official a "Public Disclosure" of an Invention in the US

Is a photograph showing a senior government official, for example, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, viewing a prototype considered evidence of "public disclosure to the government" which would ...
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If a medicine is listed in an ancient book, can it still be patented?

I have seen many patents related to use of herbs in medicines, like some homemade remedy for cough syrup etc. A large number of such remedies are already listed in many ancient medical books, one ...
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Is U.S. Patent 6578010 in the public domain?

Is this patent under the public domain? Does a patent being on "public domain" mean it can be used by anyone without a license from the patent holder? Or that it has been published by the patent ...
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Is there a central anti-patent database for openly developed and abandoned inventions?

Sites like HalfBakery and this shared Google Doc act as open repositories for potentially patentable inventions. In effect, these sites act as anti-patent databases because the inventions are never ...
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